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PROFESSIONAL: As a spirit intuitive, writer and author, I listen to The Light of Love for guidance, with Jesus as the bedrock of my work.

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Over the past 15 years I’ve worked with individuals as well as with large groups, including numerous public speaking engagements.  For the past 6 years my work has been focused on the internet, reaching millions, world-wide, to spread the word that love heals.  This work is my passion and my prayer.  Reaching YOU is my privilege. 

PERSONAL: Because it’s integral to the work I do, I should explain the genesis of this spiritual work by going back 35 years to 1972 when my wonderful friend, Steve Maxwell (a brilliant student at MIT) died in an unforeseeable accident.  At the time we were both just 18 years old.  My sister, Heather, was the love of his life just as he was hers.  Our moms were best friends and my dad clearly felt Steve was the son he always wished he had.  For me, Steve was the brother I needed and the boyfriend I knew my sister well-deserved. 

Together our families celebrated Steve and Heather’s love, but without Steve we careened out of control.  A grief - beyond our capacity to help ourselves or even one another - came over each of us because the truth was, Steve was our shining star.  To watch this grief unfold was hell.  To live with it became unbearable.  While the saying the good die young still seems poignant, back then it seemed like a taunting puzzle begging to be untangled. 

Today I’m both sorry and grateful to say that because of Steve’s life and death I finally sought God with all my heart.  Something deeper than the pain told me that God is never capricious; that there was something I needed to do to wake up and sense the gift of life - no matter what.

While I haven’t the answers to all my questions, I sense less and less judgement and more and more love as I come closer and closer to God.  Time now is rapidly going forward with every blessing I could dream of coming to pass.  With love and forgiveness central in my life, I feel my heart singing, praise Jesus!