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December 31, 2006 - Sunday

red rose Today’s intuited message: Contracts between men and women exist on Earth. If a man is…

…suffocating his wife, he may eventually have acute memory loss or even a shortened life.  If she is suffocating her husband, she may turn ugly in some form or become mentally ill.  Contracts are meant to be broken a couple opts for souls of love to be their constant guide. 

Commit to leaning forward and feeling your outer ring of Christed energy.  Eventually, the distance between you and that outer ring will reverse as your defensive and argumentative ways take a backseat to love!

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December 30, 2006 - Saturday

red rose Today’s intuited message: Living on Earth has many challenges and rewards. If you…

…ask for your challenges to come in bright and breezy ways, you will fulfill the karmic cord of love that Jesus wants to send your way.  Have fun learning your way up the ladder of success!

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December 29, 2006 - Friday

red rose Today’s intuited message: Three worlds exist under your feet…

…your mother’s world, your father’s world and your world as a child. 

When you don’t believe in yourself as a miracle you fall backwards into your parent’s old traps and worries.  When you believe in yourself you ascend their world of fears and worries.  Imagine that you came to be THEIR Christ child and even if they didn’t ask to see that in you, that YOU see that in you and then begin the ascension into the world you were promised by Jesus Christ!

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